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Why singing Bowls Make Great Gifts
6 months ago

Singing Bowls dates back to the earliest Mesopotamian civilization. In the early Bronze Age, bowls were used as utensils and in particular, to produce melodious music. In fact, the earliest known singing bowl is thought to be a cylinder shaped more than seven centuries ago that was found near Babylon, along with other instruments used in ancient music. This discovery has brought about the discovery of the earliest known singing bowls and therefore the beginning of the musical era known as the Era of the Bowl. Go to Silver Sky for more.


As time passed, the bowl continued to be used as a musical instrument but as time progressed, the uses for the bowl became more focused on two things only: to make melodious rain sounds and to create soothing sounds for those who would sit to listen to them. A bowl is normally held from between the lower two ribs of the body, its rim touching the ground. A long stem sits above the bowl and extends upwards, its narrow end resting comfortably on the floor. Its two small, metal prongs are the tuning forks that allow the bowl to vibrate freely when a singer, or reader, strikes the string inside.


Singing Bowls is very popular in our day and age and is used for many different reasons. For one thing, they are very easy to use and require no special equipment in order to produce pleasing, relaxing sounds. Since they produce no sound when struck, the only thing required of a reader is dedication to concentrate on the sounds being produced. Some bowlers even choose not to take their voice away from the bowl, allowing it to sing without physical effort, thus allowing them to relax completely and focus on their inner peace. This state of inner calm leads to an incredibly satisfying moment of meditation and relaxation.

Another reason why we use singing bowls is to help those in need of relaxation.


For instance, school children who have difficulty concentrating can often be calmed by using these bowls to create slow, soothing sounds, which helps them focus better. It is also commonly used as a medical relaxation aid, as doctors often prescribe them for their patients suffering from various conditions like severe headaches, migraines, or even for those who have had traumatic brain injuries. They work by helping to calm the mind and allow the patient to receive greater amounts of comfort.


The single bowl scenario also makes for a wonderful gift for someone. If you know someone who is struggling with feeling too stressed out and too worked up over something, you can give them a gift that lets them know that there is help available in the form of binaural singing bowls. They will instantly feel more relaxed and able to focus better, thanks to the soothing sounds they will be able to hear coming through their stereo headphones. It is important though to remind the person to set aside some time each day for themselves, so they don't become overly obsessed with working and studying, which can make them more closed off and more stressed out. The key is to set aside time each day where they can relax and unwind and let their mind and body find some rest.


If you want to do something nice for someone who lives in the mountains where you may not be able to visit them often, buying them Tibetan singing bowls is a great way to do so. The sound of the bowl's waves can help them to relax and release their stress, while also letting them know there are people nearby who are willing to listen to them. That is truly the most important thing about these bowls, as they allow you to turn a simple gesture into an incredibly meaningful one. Click here for more info.


See more here: https://youtu.be/89ZjD6lLRPs

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